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I created this program to give you all the tools, guides and resources you need to save money, live drug-free and reach your optimal level of health. 

This program is for you whether you currently have essential oils or not. If you DO have essential oils right now – you may not be using them the way you should. If you DON'T have essential oils, then you should. And this is your complete guide on how to use them.

Wouldn’t it be helpful if you had an A-Z guide that told you exactly which oils you should use for each condition? What if you had an expert that could show you on video the best ways to use essential oils? And show you how to save money with essential oils, save time and help you and your entire family live healthy and drug-free... 

Well, that's exactly what you'll get inside this course!

If you want to make over your medicine cabinet and learn about the most powerful form of plant-based medicine ...then this might be the most important thing you read today.

Here's What You'll Get Inside this Amazing Program
I will be your principal teacher, but I’ve also lined up several supporting faculty members, each of whom has a special area of expertise that will give you expanded insights.
Training Videos on the 8 Foundational Oils 

You’ll get training videos on the foundational oils that cover a wide variety of issues and benefits. You'll learn about these 8 specific essential oils and how to use them. Essential oils like bergamot, cedarwood, myrrh oil. And other foundational oils like Frankincense – which I cover in much greater detail.

"Complete Essential Oil Guide" Digital Book 

This is a step by step guide on how to use essential oils. This guide includes over 200+ specific uses and benefits and detailed instructions on how my wife and I personally use essential oils.

If you know my mom's story, you know she overcame a number of health challenges from leaky gut, tumors and many other issues. This eBook is how I’ve instructed her to use essential oils on a regular basis as well as how I've trained my patients to use essential oils.

Dr. Axe’s “Natural Cures Rx” Digital Book

You’ll get my brand new book, "Natural Cures Rx" ebook. This is an amazing resource that gives you the exact natural cure recommendations for over 100 different health conditions. It's an in-depth A-Z guide. 

For example: if you have leaky gut, this guide will cover what leaky gut is, the types of foods to avoid, the best foods to consume, the top five supplements, and the best essential oils and how to use them.

In it, I will cover everything down to how many drops of each essential oil to use and how to use them…for more than 100 conditions!

Training Videos on Treating Common Issues using Essential Oils

You’ll also get 10 additional training videos on how to treat specific conditions.

I’ll cover the best essential oils for treating pain and inflammation, the best oils to use for your beauty and healthcare products, the best essential oils for allergies, skin, the best for your digestive system and leaky gut, the best essentials for balancing your hormones, and the best essential oils for weight loss.

Keep on reading below because you'll discover why Essential Oils are the most effective form of plant-based medicine

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For thousands of years, people all over the world have turned to essential oils for their remarkable healing properties and emotional, physical and spiritual transformation. The earliest evidence that humans knew of the healing properties of plants is found in Lascaux, France, located in the Dordogne region. The famous Lascaux cave paintings date back to the Paleolithic Era, some 20,000 years ago. Images on the walls suggest that these hunter-gatherers used medicinal plants in everyday life.

Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine, wrote “a perfumed bath and a scented massage everyday is the way to good health.” The literature left by him and his followers contains an important principle in modern medicine, “Above all, the purpose of a doctor is to awaken the natural healing energies within the body.” Hippocrates influences medicine to this day in the form of the Hippocratic Oath taken by all doctors.
Most medicines today were originally inspired from a plant, then synthetically recreated–which can be toxic to the body. 
Essential oils, on the other hand, are natural and gentle on the body. Your body naturally knows how to work with plants and oil-based compounds. 

When you smell a rose or a peppermint leaf, what you're actually smelling is the essential oil. There’s nothing added. Nothing synthetic. True essential oils are created by simply extracting the therapeutic, aromatic compounds from the plant. 

Most oils are concentrated between 10 to 70 times what you’d find in the normal plant. So, you're getting very, very high levels of the therapeutic healing compounds when you use essential oils.  

In my opinion, essential oils work better than MOST modern medicines available today. 

Because the compounds are so small they can actually pass into the cell wall, which allows them to help destroy viruses, pathogenic bacteria, parasites and other diseases that get into your body. This is one reason why essential oils are so effective. It's also why I've used them and recommended them to my patients for years.

Essential oils work because they contain high amounts of therapeutic compounds. 

A 15 milliliter bottle (which is about the size of your thumb) of lavender essential oil takes about 150 pounds of lavender flowers. Think about holding up a 150-pound plate in order to produce an oil weighing less than a pound. That's how many flowers or plants it takes to produce one single bottle of essential oil.

Essential oils are used everyday as natural medicine to treat a number of chronic illnesses, but they can also be used for everyday items.  

Essential oils can be used for beauty, reducing aging marks (like sun spots or stretch marks on the skin), weight loss, and everyday things like cleaning your house, killing mold in your house, and allergies. 

Simply put–essential oils are gentle on the body and they’re the most effective form of plant-based medicine.
Here's Why You Need to Know How to Use Essential Oils Today

Did you know essential oils can help you:

  • Replace dangerous drugs
  • ​Balance mood & energy levels
  • ​Reduce inflammation
  • ​Balance hormones
  • ​Clear up acne
  • ​Get rid of age spots & scarring


  • Support weight loss
  • ​Detoxify your body
  • ​Clean your home
  • ​Improve allergies
  • ​Improve spiritual awareness
  • ​And much, much more


The 6 Best Essential Oils to Keep Stocked in Your Medicine Cabinet
Lavender essential oil
Lemon oil
Peppermint oil
Oil of oregano
Here’s How You Can Start Transforming Your 
Health with Essential Oils

...the most powerful form of plant-based medicine in the world today

Now you can get started transforming your health through the use of essential oils. It’s time to stop talking about all these amazing essential oils… and start learning how to use them in your daily life to keep you (and your home) healthier! 


I created an in-depth training that covers everything you need to start using essential oils and creating your own natural remedies and DIY home care products. 

This program is open to everyone, no matter what your previous experience is with essential oils!

In this program, I'll guide you through the fundamentals of essential oils. You'll learn how to begin creating practical remedies and products for your home and family. 

You don't need to purchase oils to go through this training, and no previous training is required.

BONUS: Four exclusive interviews with some of the greatest minds in natural healing.

Jordan Rubin, NMD, PhD "Biblically-Based Essential Oil Uses"

Jordan is the author of the book The Maker's Diet. He's the founder of Garden of Life, and a personal mentor of Dr. Axe. One of his specialties is biblically based essential oil uses and essential oils of the Bible. He is an expert at using essential oils to overcome a wide range of health issues.

Sayer Ji "Essential Oils & Evidence Based Approach to Natural Health Care"

Sayer is the founder of GreenMedInfo and the author of the book, "The Cancer Killers." In this interview you'll learn how essential oils can improve multiple conditions and diseases. He covers the best essential oils for boosting immunity and killing off cancer cells and tumors. He also explains the five most powerful essential oils that you're NOT using– but should be – for reversing disease.


Dr. Isaac Jones and Erica Jones "Using Essential Oils for Beauty and High Performance Health"

In this interview you'll learn the best essential oils for beauty and high performance health. 
You’ll learn about essential oils for detoxification, essential oils for improving the brain and focus, and the best essential oils for cleansing.


Josh Axe, DC, CNS "Essential Oils for Gut, Thyroid and Adrenals"

In this interview, you'll discover how gut issues can cause thyroid and adrenal disease, and what essential oils to use. 
Recognize the warning signs and symptoms of leaky gut. Choose the right essential oils to support gut, thyroid and adrenal health.

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 Complete Video Training Course

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Essential Oil Transformation is an online program, this means that you can get started right away. As soon as you join you will get access to the program. Then, if you ever want to go back and review a module (or in case you missed it), you can do so at any time. You have full access to the lessons for as long as you want.
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You get instant access to all the lessons, tools, and more included with Essential Oil Transformation as soon as you sign up. Your registration includes access to all the training, online tools, and the private support community of your peers.
Can I access Essential Oil Transformation from any computer or mobile device?
Yes! You can access Essential Oil Transformation from any computer, browser, or mobile device. No downloading is required.
Can I complete the program remotely?
One of the many benefits of Essential Oil Transformation Program is that it is an online program. This means that you can take the program at your own pace and from the location that you feel most comfortable, all you need is access to the internet. 
What if I get stuck or have questions?
We are here to help. If you have a technical question about accessing the content of the program, our support team are there for you. If you need help with a question about the program, we can answer it in the group.
What does the Program look like?
The lessons for each week can be consumed in the way that works best for you. You can watch the video, read the transcript or listen to the audio file.
Can I get a refund if I change my mind about EOT?
As this is an online program, we are unable to offer a refund if you change your mind about Essential Oil Transformation. 
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